Exterior Cleaning | Paint Polishing

Exterior Cleaning

Our exterior detailing package involves cleaning and polishing using industry leading products to give your vehicle a better than show-room finish. We pay special attention to the chrome trim, windows, wheels, as well as other visible components of your vehicle’s exterior.

Paint Polishing

One of specialties is paint polishing & correction. This is a labor intensive process through which paint is properly compounded, polished and restored to bring back that like-new or even better than new finish. Utilizing some of the best products and safest techniques, we are able to take paint in any condition to a whole new level of clarity and shine, without jeopardizing the paint thickness.

Paint Sealant

This process shields and protests paint against fading, oxidation & pollution, which is very important for particularly for vehicles exposed to the elements and environment experienced in Gulf Countries. We use a high polymer content sealant, not an ordinary wax or polish, that vitrifies to a clear glass-like armor. The sealant bonds to original finish to shield your paint finish against atmospheric pollutants, harmful UV-sun rays, fading and industrial pollution.